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26 December 2012 @ 07:36 pm

Hi guys! This journal is mostly friends only. Copious amounts of off the hook rants about everything and anything.
I'd like to have something in common, so comment to be added and I'll most likely say yes! because I am a friend hustler and work these streets..

*By reading this you have been splotched*

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25 December 2009 @ 12:37 pm

Just got a phone call from my cousin in Melbourne. Turns out, they decided to drive up to Sydney to spend my birthday with me!! That is so nice of them! But it also is a bit of a dilemma. I had plans to spend it with a few friends and when I called to figured out the kinks, sharikamesba ended up telling me that she was throwing a surprise party. Yay but way to throw the surprise :/

Also, I've been wanting to make Merlin series 2 mood themes, any one have any software reccs?
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Threw yet another surprise birthday for a friend. Took her bowling and then surprised her with a cake! After that, I came back to my place with a few friends and we had lunch together and happy times ensued! :D

+ Had my Sydney Festival Welcome and Briefing session! It was good. This year there's going to be so many neat events, lots of theater and musical performances coupled with art exhibits. Getting a nifty little piece about pirates that was performed at last years BAFTA Barbican thingo (so maybe Colin's seen it ^_^)

+ After the session, I talked to the director of SydFest and told her about A Night Less Ordinary - FIZZLE POP! JUST HAD THIS ROLLING CLAP OF THUNDER THAT WAS LITERALLY LIKE AN EXPLOSION. HEART STOPPER - She loved the idea and I told her about how I'm a theater buff, but its hard to go often on a student budget and how this is a wonderful opportunity to promote Australian artists and so on. I really really hope something like this can happen in Australia, it would be one of the best youth programs around Sydney.

+ The city was crazy windy, blowing dust and ripping bags away kind of wind, and it has now started raining. Thankfully after I got home safe :D

+ Came home to this courtesy of sharikamesba and upon closer inspection, found it to be this. I LOVE MY FRIENDS! (She wrote that at my house using my stationary and even asked me for sticky tape :D)

+ The house is still in one piece and hopefully, I cane have that RomCom marathon night soon. Just waiting until yourmanuscript gets back from her adventure up north and is certain she will not be murdered for HSC result. Got my fingers crossed for you, love.

Thank you to vella_amor_dm , mcgooglykins , bedamn , ptoridactyl and meloncreme for the lovely snowflake cookies! I want to go on a massive snowflake sending spree for my flist also, but in time (when I have it D:)

Okay. I'm off to have some dinner and catch a movie or read.
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05 December 2009 @ 11:08 pm
Played tennis and badminton with my friends last night and that was totally rad except for the major muscle pains I had all day today from not stretching right after. + I had the gig at Homebake all day today (which was awesome)

- I got complimented twice on the dress top I was wearing. One lady went so far as to say her sister had the same one, but it looked better on me : /
- I learnt the ultimate hi-5ing technique (you have to look at the other person elbow and you wont miss. tested and proved accurate :D)
- Had one guys wrist band rip right off when I checked it, but he ran away into the crowds before I could stop him D: (I was going to let him in anyway, but not after that)
- Had a line of coppers run in after someone and frazzle up the mosh pit in front of Decoder Ring
- Am very, very much over right hands and 'right hand please'. Left all the way
- Was a shame we never got to see Red Rider, Howling Bells and Decoder Ring. I was supposed to get off at 6, which was perfect timing, but I worked until 7.15. Nine hours and 15 minutes = ka-ching $$

Also, staying with my mum over at my aunties house for a few days. Kinda don't wanna go, but I have to. Sucks cause of the very very VERY slow internet and distance from public transport. Will possibly come back on Thursday If I can. By then my internet will be refreshing, and I want to use up what I have, so any download recs??

(I really really hope I get to work Field day [The Presets] and Big Day Out [ Muse]. I mean, I get to see them for FREE)
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Been having uni exams, in fact, I've got one in 6 hours (who the hell makes exams at 5.30 PM?)!


juicy BJ & CM pictures! :DCollapse )

So this all makes like wonderful again, right? The pictures are from interviews (available hopefully tomorrow, Thursday) taken at A Night Less Ordinary by Phillippa Gedge, the photographer and the interviewer being Louise Wylie. LW also said that here would be more hi-res pictures available soon!! :D :D :D

akjsdhakjfhakjsfh enjoy the preteh
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