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Potter needs a wand.

You don't get none of that with Merlin, he's all hands and..

Hmmm...a little bit about myself eh? CAN I summerise myself into a box that seems to have a 1000 character limit?? We shall just have to try!

Yo! Hows it going? the names Mandara. I am NOT a coffee addict. I love to chat and hanging out with my friends *cough anika cough* is something I most definitely love to do!!
So pop in and say 'Hello!' and we'll have a fun filled conversation that entails the hotness of Ben Barnes, Gaspard Ulliel, my undying love for all kinds of music, the wonderful life of Vampires, how to meet THE hottest couple around - Merlin♥Arthur and the possibility that I can do magic!!

Take Care Lovelies!♥

*You have now been splotched*

The Royal Team Arthur at merlin_land. Come join us!

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